Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sound familiar? Before you jump to conclusion about the quotation … this is what a gnat might say, finding itself nearing windshield impact. Yes, the brainpower of a gnat is sufficient to know, when things aren’t going well, “Change” is a good idea.

Why, then, has the “Change” mantra generated so much excitement over Obama? If good “Judgment” accompanied “Change” … with the aim being better, not just different “Judgment” that, metaphorically, can keep us from going splat … I could understand.

Sadly, many who are excited about Obama and “Change” remain so in the face of indications of his lack of good “Judgment”. This list grows daily … far too long to address here. Choosing to sit under the teaching of Jeremiah Wright for nearly 20 years is very troubling. Ironically, the one that’s most telling about lack of fitness for the Presidency is the cornerstone of Obama’s candidacy … he wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq … again, metaphorically, he wouldn’t have allowed us in front of that windshield in the first place.

Based on intelligence at the time, every other subsequent Presidential Candidate supported our President’s decision but, somehow, as an Illinois State Senator, Obama knew that going to war in Iraq was a mistake. It turns out, the intelligence was wrong and mistakes resulted. How did Obama know better? Was it ESP? He hasn’t said. He just says we need “Change”. Frighteningly, his “Judgment” hasn’t led him to the “Change” that’s most needed herebetter intelligence. That means, if Obama becomes President, if he gets the same sort of menacing intelligence we had about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq (or Hitler’s Germany or Tojo’s Japan), proactive military action would not be an option. If that happens, wave your little gnat wings goodbye … we’ll be going splat on the windshield of the world.