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When I experimented with having my own consulting practice for Sales Organization Leadership and Development - SOL&D, I launched a separate blog to support that effort. I've now cross-posted those SOL&D articles here on A Few Days With Figgins. The following text , from the About Gary Wiram page on SOL&D, will give you a better idea of the aim of these articles:

Life, as a Senior-Level Sales and Sales Management Professional, just keeps getting more interesting. “Corporate” sales roles have taken me to a broad variety of business settings throughout North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. In my Sales Organization Leadership & Development (SOL&D) consulting practice, I continue to find myself venturing into new and different venues, ranging from the Call Center of a premiere Direct Sales organization to the Jail Manager’s office in Los Angeles County’s infamous Twin Towers.

My “corporate” Sales background is primarily with technology-based business-to-business systems-solutions including eLearning, Workforce Management and Document Management. I’ve held Sales Leadership roles in several successful Start-Ups, as well as in Fortune 500-level companies like Kronos and Minolta. “Fearlessly Securing YOUR Business Goals” is a tagline that emerged for me, during this time. My objective with SOL&D is to utilize this other-oriented attitude to share my rich experience, to produce Top Sales Performers and Top Performing Sales Organizations.

When introducing SOL&D, I typically conclude by saying, “If you know a company needing a seasoned professional to positively impact their Sales organization, you should introduce them to me.” Good examples of that “seasoning” include:

  • The Major Account sale that gave me the “Fearlessly Securing YOUR Business Goals” tagline… working with Santa Monica Police Department’s former Chief, James Butts and his Senior Staff, to resolve an issue of out-of-control overtime pay that had them as the lead-story in all the local news media.
  • Achieving the deployment of my company’s eLearning course for Cross-Cultural Communication throughout Herman Miller (HMI), from the top down. This success began with illustrating HMI’s competitive advantage, if their Sales Force was educated in Cross-Cultural Communication and the competitor’s Sales Force was not.
  • Re-launching the regional sales effort for a leading provider of technology-based managed-services to begin securing annual contracts, following a two-year drought.
  • The turnaround of a Classic Sales Organization’s Systems Solutions Sales Team to produce YOY Increased Revenues of 152%, then 171% and then 156%.
  • Developing a troubled (on the verge of a lawsuit) business relationship with Ingram Micro to become a Marquee Account for my company.
These anecdotes provide a sense of strength in Consultative Selling, C-Level Major Account Selling and Sales Organization Leadership & Development. However, it doesn’t touch on the aspect I treasure most … the growth of the people I’ve gotten to work with. Thankfully, I have several of these “Success Stories” too.

Since I’ve had such an interesting and rewarding career, as a Senior-Level Sales and Sales Management Professional, I look for opportunities to give back. That’s, largely, the purpose of this blog. Likewise, since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve tried to become more a part of and contribute to the local business community. Thus, I sit on the Membership Committee of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), I’m a Social Member of Software Association of Oregon (SAO) and I involve myself in numerous other local professional and personal organizations.

My hope is that this blog will be beneficial to other Sales and Sales Management Professionals. I welcome hearing from you, via your Comments. If you’d like to hear more from me, contact me today, via this blog’s Email link!